Active Manuka Honey

" The rich caramel flavours of Manuka
Mid to dark amber in colour, some Manuka honey contains a strong antibacterial agent (hydrogen peroxide) and a very high mineral content - making it extremely beneficial for one's health. Manuka is often used in hot drinks for winter ailments, especially for sore throats, ulcers and digestive ailments.








" A rich blend of mountain and pasture flowers are used to create a distinctive mix of fresh dewy morning aroma and tastes that will delight all honey lovers.









" The smooth velvety finish of Kamahi Honey
Kamahi forms the backbone of much of the wild "bush" honey which is produced in New Zealand, providing honey connoisseurs with a rich amber honey that is not as sweet as most other honey types. Native to the ancient and unspoilt mountain forests of the South Island’s West Coast, the Kamahi blooms produce a light, golden honey with a beautifully rich flavour. Kamahi works well in vegetable or meat dishes and marinades.





" This amber-coloured honey with its strong, aromatic flavour comes from the delicate white blooms of the Manuka tree. It is often referred to as the “healing honey” and is sometimes used as a pharmaceutical product for its therapeutic and antiseptic qualities.






" With its vibrant red flowers lining much of the South Island’s West Coast, Rata produces a pearly white honey with a pleasant flavour unique to this native tree.







" The intense rich malt flavour of Rewarewa Honey
The distinctive sub-alpine flower is often called NZ Honeysuckle. The long & succulent flower only blossoms for a very short period to produce a truly native flavour. Also known as the native 'red' Honeysuckle or Knightia excelsa, Rewarewa honey has a burnished amber colour and contains a high level of health-giving anti-oxidants. Rewarewa is particularly good with strong savoury dishes.





White Clover

" New Zealand white clover, grown in the lush pastures of Canterbury, Otago and Southland, produces honey that has gained a world-wide reputation for the excellence of its smooth texture and delicate flavour. White Clover is common in New Zealand, which is a pasture flower covering rural farmland.





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