SuJon’s commitment to the continuous improvement of product, processing, packaging, and distribution, combined with the growing awareness of berries’ health benefits, is clearly paying dividends.

SuJon Berries Every Day of The Year
SuJon Country Fresh Berries are available year round - that’s SuJon’s commitment to ensure a quality supply, no matter what the season.

SuJon Berries Field Ripened for Flavour, Colour and Taste
Whereas many berries are picked under ripe to minimise spoilage until time of use, SuJon fruit is allowed to ripen naturally in the field and is picked at the peak of ripeness for the best sweetness, colour and taste. IQF processing of the berries retains these qualities of the berries.

SuJon Berries for Variety and Versatility
SuJon Berries are captured by individually quick freezing (IQF processing) and packaged in sealed bags to ensure finest and consistent quality.

All year round SuJon berries are baking in delicious deserts, simmering in sauces, melting over meats and adding sweetness and goodness to appetisers, cakes, pastries, muffins, other baked goods or further processed products. Sujon Berries can be used alone and will complement other food items.

SuJon Berries Economic and Convenient
SuJon free flow, IQF fruits, are sealed in to meet the needs of different users. You’ve always got just the right amount. Click here for tips on getting the best from your SuJon berries.

SuJon Berries The Positively Healthy Choice
Berries are: Low in fat, frequently high in natural anti-oxidants or vitamin C and recognised as a positive contributor to a balanced and healthy diet.

Not only are berries attractive and tasty to eat but their rich natural anthocyanin colours and other components are increasingly the subject of research into their health benefits and role as natural antioxidants.

SuJon combines expertise in the growing of berry fruit with personal commitment to quality and prompt and efficient service - a winning combination. Sue and John Gibb, owners of Sujon, were pioneering boysenberry growers in the Nelson area. In the 1980’s they started freezing their boysenberries for New Zealand Chef’s and consumers. The word spread quickly and customers were asking the Gibb’s for other berries with the same quality: fruit that thawed well and tasted fantastic meant people could eat berry fruit year round and chef’s could keep their favourite berry fruit dish’s on the menu throughout the year.