Safety Step

Safety Step is a family owned and operated business with manufactuing operations located in Australia. Our company remains under its original ownership since it was founded in New Zealand in 1993.
Growing from a small local business to a multi-national manufacturing, exporting company has involved many changes but what has not changed are the core values of quality, reliability and honesty that Safety Step clients have appreciated for nearly two decades.

Something special happens when a company remains based around the original participants who over the years have sweated blood for the business and done every possible task within that company; innovating the products, setting the marketing and doing the face to face selling, and often working late and long hours to make the products that they then installed themselves.

Guarantees really mean something when products offered are supported by many years of hands on experience through every part of the business.

Retaining this culture of excellence and reliability in the growing international business has been carefully managed and certainly helped by having a second generation, James our eldest son, take control of the manufacturing side of the business. Every single product made by Safety Step is hand made, not machine produced, and James has a passion bordering on an obsession with ensuring that the manufacturing team make every product perfect.

With re-seller agents now in more than 12 countries, Safety Step has become the premier brand in the industry and well recognized across the globe as the providers of the highest quality pedestrian safety systems available.

Put simply, we have the knowledge and the products to assist you implement end to end pedestrian safety systems that will minimise slip and fall accidents while also facilitating the fast and orderly evacuation of pedestrians during lights out and emergency conditions, you have our personal guarantee on that.

The best products backed by the best people.