Marisco Vines

Amongst the twisted vines of our ancestry were the de Marisco families, who in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries inhabited the island of Lundy off the southwest cost of England.
The families, from their stronghold on the island, maintained a tempestuous relationship with the English monarchy – at times receiving royal favour, and yet ultimately – for the activities of piracy and treason, incurring the full and tragic vehemence of he King’s displeasure.
These days the descendant Marris family have achieved acclaim for their success in the pursuit of making fine wines, being amongst the pioneering winemaking families of the world-renowned Malborough wine region. We hereby honour our glorious family history by naming a series of wines after the stories of our scandalous ancestors…


Situated at the northern tip of the South Island of New Zealand lies one of the most exciting wine regions, Malborough. The Marisco vineyards are located on the banks of Waihopai River and on the southern side of the Wairau Valley. The Waihopai River runs the length of our 268 ha vineyard – not only providing a picturesque boundary but also the origin of the ancient river shingles, which contribute to the overall terroir of the vineyard.
This location consistently enjoys warmer daytime temperatures and lower rainfall than areas to the north. These warm daytime temperatures, followed by cool nights encourage intense flavor development, which are he hallmarks of the great wines of Malborough.