Franklin Foods manufactor a line of quality New Zealand frozen beef, lamb, chicken and fish products. Along with our core line we can manufacture food products to your exacting specifications including but not limited to ingredients, size, packaging and labelling.

Franklin Foods holds the certificate of Halal accreditation from FIANZ (the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand) and the New Zealand Islamic Meat Management Halal License in Beef and Lamb patties.
Customize Our flexibilty allows us to manufacture food product lines to fit your market needs in either your brand, a private label or with one of our true and tested brands.

Development: As an innovative food company with a food development program that has a clear goal, and that is to ensure we keep pace, and indeed stay ahead of the market.

Research: We work closely with specialist food technologists to reasearch ways to improve the quality of our food products.

Quality: All of our products continuously undergo rigorous quality management in both the areas of food safety, product consistence and consumer needs.

Assurance: Our plant has a full hygiene and production system in place, including H.A.C.C.P as a requirement of our export license. The New Zealand Food Safety Authority/MAF maintains a regular check on our facilities including, veterinarian visits and system audits, to verify our systems are being maintained to New Zealand Government Standards.