Chateau is one of New Zealand’s leading premium ice cream parlour brands with over 30 ice cream flavours, frozen yoghurts and milkshake base.


We create products:

- That must always be "Food Safe".
- That meet our customers taste and technical specifications.
- That are made from top quality New Zealand sourced fresh milk and cream (no dairy raw materials are imported from other countries to make our products).
- Emerald Foods does not and will not knowingly use any GMO ingredients in its ice cream.
- All our dairy products are Estrogen free (banned in New Zealand).
- All our dairy products are free of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (RBGH)
(banned from use in New Zealand cattle).
- All our dairy products come from only EU approved suppliers in NZ, providing full trace back capability.

We utilise cream from free range, grass-fed herds (no indoor milk production) providing milk and cream and therefore ice cream with taste consistency all year round.
Because our herds are free range grass-fed we have a low carbon footprint versus most other countries.

Chateau can assist with purchase of display freezers, shop design, product ideas, scoops, etc, to assist in maximising your ice cream presentation and parlour profit.

We have 2 pricing ranges under the Chateau brand based on the added value of inclusions such as chocolate chips, nuts, cookie etc. Chateau is available for export in a range of scoop parlour catering packs upon request, including 6x2L, 2x5L and 16L.